Arson gang in police sights

A 26-year-old man who was remanded in custody in Thessaloniki yesterday is believed to have been the leader of a gang that carried out arson attacks in the city, according to police, who are looking for three more people in connection with the case. A magistrate remanded the unnamed suspect after police supplied evidence indicating he was involved in placing improvised incendiary devices at a car dealership last week and under three Public Power Corporation vehicles last month. An organization calling itself the «Anti-establishment Brigade of Conscience» had claimed responsibility for the attacks in a letter to a newspaper. Police said they found a handwritten copy of the letter at the 26-year-old’s apartment. The suspect reportedly confessed to writing the proclamation. Officers are searching for two other men and a woman aged 23-30 who allegedly carried out the attacks with the suspect. Police are also investigating their possible involvement in other attacks.