Policeman is a suspected thief

Police in Agrinion, in west central Greece, were yesterday questioning a local officer believed to have opened fire on a police station in the area last Sunday and to have carried out a string of armed robberies with the aid of a local Roma man. Officers arrested the suspect after an analysis of bullets found outside the police station matched the man’s 9-millimeter service shotgun. Police also took in the officer’s girlfriend – also a police officer – for questioning. The suspect, and an unidentified Roma man, are believed to be behind a string of recent robberies in the broader Agrinion area, including raids this week on a gas station, a supermarket and a kiosk. The officer is alleged to have admitted to firing at the police station on Sunday in order to cause a distraction so he could continue with planned raids. Witnesses claim to have seen two men on a motorcycle, dressed in black with black helmets, acting suspiciously.