Probe into terrorism goes on

Greek authorities have told Sunday’s Kathimerini that they remain hopeful of arresting members of the Revolutionary Struggle terrorist group that fired a missile at the US Embassy in Athens just over a year ago. The embassy reposted on Thursday a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of the attackers who fired the rocket-propelled grenade at the building. In its statement, the embassy drew attention to the fact that no arrests had been made «despite the efforts of the Greek government.» However, Interior Ministry sources said that the government is «hopeful» that there will soon be «tangible results.» Speaking to Kathimerini on the condition of anonymity, a high-ranking police officer said that the evidence authorities have gathered so far is not enough to lead them to suspected members of the group. The police source said that the members of Revolutionary Struggle have not made any serious slip-ups to allow a major breakthrough in the investigation.