Police had knowledge of attack

Authorities were expecting an attack from self-styled anarchists ahead of Friday’s firebombing of a police station in Pefki, northern Athens, but still appeared unable to prevent or react to the incident. Government sources said yeterday that police had been tipped off two weeks ago and were expecting an attack when the 10 youths threw several petrol bombs at the police station, damaging the building and at least four parked cars. There were no reports of injuries. The Pefki police station was one of five targets on a list that had been drawn up by authorities on the basis of information received, according to a police source. However, no arrests followed the incident and the officer guarding the building at the time was caught unprepared without standard police gear, such as a stun grenade used to temporary blind or confuse. Authorities have also launched an investigation into whether the police officers on duty at the time of the attack acted in a negligent manner.