Robbers strike gold in gas station raid

Two robbers netted more than 230,000 euros in a dramatic holdup at a gas station in Argyroupolis, south of Athens, yesterday morning. The two suspects arrived at the gas station separately, each driving a stolen BMW, and cornered a security firm van that had been about to leave, police said. One of the suspects then threatened the van driver with a revolver before grabbing a bag of cash and checks, totaling 233,000 euros. According to police, the robbers then climbed onto a waiting motorcycle, being driven by a third accomplice, and fled. Police reported another robbery yesterday, on a bank in Xanthi, northern Greece. The robbers netted 12,000 euros. Meanwhile, police in Thessaloniki said that two Georgians, arrested in a shootout after a bank raid last Friday, are behind 20 local robberies that netted 400,000 euros.