Free of constraints, cyberspace hosts liveliest dialogue in Greece

Naturally enough, the Greek blogosphere to a large extent mirrors Greek society, with its ideological perceptions, fixations and phobias. Yet among all the rehashing of the politically, socially and nationally correct, there are valuable perceptions to be found. Blogs are able to highlight a considerable number of issues that fly under the radar of the regular mass media. They can also formulate alternative approaches to familiar issues in ways that enrich thinking. This is presumably related to the fact that most bloggers have at least a university education, if not more in the way of professional qualifications. It is also a fact that there is rather a lot of rancor flying around the Greek blogosphere. Surprisingly, however, there is relatively little in the way of mudslinging. Disputes do often get heated and harsh language and personal remarks are uttered, but as the Supreme Court of the United States would attest, «lively debate» always contains fiery comments. Cyberspace, being freed from the asphyxiating laws that govern the press, now hosts the liveliest dialogue in Greece, with all its exaggerations and its malice, but also with its diamonds. Anyone with even a modicum of judgment can easily sort the wheat from the chaff.

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