Gas on market after split in strike

The process of supplying gas stations across Greece was due to begin yesterday after tanker truck owners decided to break ranks with the owners of public service vehicles and end a strike that had caused motorists serious problems. The two groups were demanding from the government the right to increase their charges by more than the 5 percent stipulated last month. The ruling conservatives have refused to allow higher increases. However, they conceded ground on a number of other issues, including allowing trucks to travel on national roads on Fridays and tanker trucks to travel through tunnels. Both had been banned for road safety reasons and the government’s decision to reverse its position prompted complaints from transport experts yesterday. Gasoline should be widely available again after several days during which hardly any fuel was available, but another round of strikes today is expected to cause more disruption, particularly in the center of Athens. The General Confederation of Greek Labor (GSEE), the Civil Servants Union (ADEDY) and the Greek Federation of Bank Employees’ Unions (OTOE) will all be holding rallies in the city center. Strikes by their members mean that services at OTE telecom, container ports, the Public Power Corporation, post offices, the Athens Water Company, National Bank and several private banks will be affected. The strikes will also cause disruption to domestic and international flights.