Dance troupe faces eviction

The best known exponent of traditional Greek dances, the Dora Stratou Theater, could be thrown out of its premises on Philoppapou Hill in central Athens, its director fears, because six people have claimed to own the land on which it is housed. In a letter to Kathimerini, Dora Stratou director Alkis Raftis said that the claims on the land had come «out of the blue.» «The noose is tightening…who knows what documents they have produced,» he said in relation to the claims made by the six unnamed individuals. «I am very worried because, as owners, these people would have the legal right to throw us out,» he said. «We are just tenants.» The Dora Stratou Greek Dance Theater, whose dancers travel the country to perform in traditional costumes, is funded by public money and Raftis is hoping that the government will be able to help in the lengthy legal battle that he believes lies ahead.