In Brief


Banks, government offices, vehicles hit in dawn attacks A barrage of bomb blasts, targeting government offices, banks and cars, shook various parts of Attica early yesterday. Within the space of an hour, improvised explosive devices damaged the facades of three banks, two New Democracy offices and three cars, according to police who believe self-styled anarchists are behind the attacks. The banks targeted were National Bank in the suburb of Dafni, Alpha Bank in the northern district of Neo Psychico and Citibank in Goudi. The ND offices hit were in Neo Iraklion, and Moschato, suburbs in the north and southeast of Athens respectively. No one was hurt. RELIGIOUS CLASSES Children must still attend Religious education lessons remain compulsory for all Orthodox schoolchildren, Education and Religious Affairs Minister Evripidis Stylianidis said yesterday following a visit to a school in Fthiotida, where he met with the local bishop. «Exceptions may only be granted in the case of non-Orthodox believers, who are usually foreigners,» Stylianidis said. According to a ministry initiative announced in July, schoolchildren can skip religious education lessons by providing their teachers with a note written by their parents. Overprotective A 19-year-old Bulgarian man has confessed to killing his 25-year-old brother-in-law as he believed the latter was cheating on his sister, police in Lamia said. The 19-year-old is alleged to have knifed the older man several times following an argument at the latter’s home on Thursday night. The victim then dragged himself to a nearby home of relatives who called an ambulance to transfer him to hospital where he later died. The 19-year-old was tracked down by police early yesterday. Landfill protest Residents of Lefkimi in southern Corfu tomorrow plan to block the entrance to a new landfill being built in their area. They object to the dump which, they say, is too close to residential areas and poses a health risk. Over the past few months residents have staged regular protests, on occasion clashing violently with riot police dispatched to break up their blockades. Grisly murder An Athens businessman has been found dead in his summer home on the island of Andros, police said yesterday after discovering his badly beaten body. The victim, who was not identified, had been struck on the head several times with a hammer, according to police, who said there were signs of a break-in but no indication that the man’s home had been robbed. Mafia-style killing Police are attributing the mafia-style execution of a 43-year-old Georgian man in the coastal suburb of Palaio Faliron late on Thursday night to a settling of accounts. According to witnesses the victim was shot at by an unidentified gunman as he had been leaving a cafe. He tried to run away but was pursued by the assailant who shot at him 12 times. The victim was taken to hospital, having sustained seven bullet wounds, and died there.