Electronic toll payment on new airport road

As of Monday, drivers using the Attiki Odos airport highway will be able to pay at tollbooths using electronic passes or remote-control devices that will allow them through at the click of a button, the company operating the highway said yesterday. The passes, which look like credit cards, will cost 30 euros. The remote-control «e-pass» devices will work on a subscription basis, with drivers paying three euros a month for the service. They will also have to pay at least 30 euros in advance. Cards and «e-passes» will be on sale at tollbooths. Special lanes will be created for drivers using electronic cards and e-passes, signposted with a green and an orange sign, respectively. Drivers paying in cash will use blue-signposted lanes. The current charges – due to rise 20 percent on July 1 – are 40 cents for motorbikes, one euro for cars, 2.5 euros for buses and four euros for heavy trucks.