Minister lauds pupils for turning in cash

Education Minister Evripidis Stylianidis yesterday sang the praises of three pupils who found a sack of 100,000 euros in stolen cash last week and delivered it to police, saying they had set a valuable example. «At a crucial moment for education and for youth, it is very important for there to be messages like this, showing that there are children who can set a good example of morals and dedication to traditional values,» Stylianidis said after receiving the three 13-year-olds in his office. He also praised the children’s parents and teachers for their influence. The boys, each given a laptop as a reward, said they had not hesitated to hand in the cash. «I would have felt guilty if I had kept it,» Nikos Sinapis told Kathimerini. «I would expect anyone else to have done the same,» Nikolas Malihin added.