As migrants are saved, Greece seeks EU aid

As authorities in the Aegean rescued 53 would-be immigrants from a foundering boat off the island of Milos yesterday, officials from Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Malta urged the European Union to support them in their efforts to stem a relentless tide of illegal immigrants. The rescue effort, which began on Tuesday night, involved commercial vessels, a navy frigate, a Super Puma helicopter and a military transport aircraft. Initial attempts to save the migrants were hampered by strong winds but success came shortly before 3 a.m. The immigrants, whose ethnic origin was unclear, were all said to be in good health. Meanwhile, a document seeking additional EU support in the fight to curb illegal immigration, co-signed by Greece, was sent to Brussels. Greece’s Deputy Interior Minister Thanassis Nakos and his counterparts from Cyprus, Italy and Malta signed the text in Rome on Tuesday.