Elia in Evros offers cheaper cost of living and no crime

Dimitris Rosidis, 47, is a primary school teacher who returned to his village of Elia in Evros, northeastern Greece, after working for years on Rhodes and in Australia, where he met his wife. They went to Rhodes, had two children, then went back to the village at his wife’s suggestion. «The cost of living on Rhodes was high because of tourism,» he said. «I had to work several jobs, and had no time for anything else. I couldn’t even go swimming. And I thought it would be safer for the children to grow up in a provincial environment. «It’s quiet here; there’s no crime. «And teaching at a school with just 50 pupils, classes of eight or nine, is effective. Even children with learning difficulties get better treatment.» As for the difficulties, Rosidis said he felt sorry for the locals who can’t make a living from farming and have to leave. The nearest town is 22 kilometers away, «but luckily we only go on special occasions. I might not have regular access to my mail, but that’s not a serious problem. I have no regrets about moving here permanently.»