Early heat wave on the way

Having frozen during January’s record snowstorms, the country looks set to be fried by an early heat wave this week, when temperatures are expected to rise well over 30 degrees Celsius (100F plus), weather forecasters warned yesterday. According to the National Meteorological Service’s forecast chief, Dimitris Ziakopoulos, the heat is expected to reach 33-34 degrees Celsius (91-93F) in northern Greece over the next few days, while the average temperature for the rest of the country will be 35 to 36 Celsius (95-97F) degrees. But in Crete, hot southern winds should to push the day’s highs to a maximum 38 Celsius (100F). «Despite the fact that the temperature will not be disturbingly high, high humidity is expected to make our life unpleasant,» Ziakopoulos said. «Thankfully, the wind, albeit warm and from the south, will blow quite strong from Thursday to Saturday.» The heat, which may abate slightly over the weekend in western and northern Greece, will persist into the beginning of next week with temperatures possibly hitting 40 Celsius (104F).