Border guards nabbed for trafficking in drugs

Four conscripts have been arrested for allegedly cooperating with Albanian smugglers in the running of a drug-trafficking ring based in two army outposts on the Albanian border, police said yesterday. On Sunday, officers working on a tip-off arrested three young men in a taxi near the village of Koromilia, in the northwestern province of Florina, in possession of small quantities of hashish and heroin. The suspects said they had bought the drugs from the Krystallopigi outpost – which police promptly raided, discovering 1.8 kilos of hashish. Three conscripts were arrested, but their Albanian supplier escaped over the border. The one kilo had been intended for the cousin of one of the conscripts, who was serving at the nearby Aghia Paraskevi outpost. He too was arrested, along with a civilian, when they showed up to take delivery of the drugs.