Employee caught after staging a fake robbery

A 22-year-old employee at an underground parking garage in the center of Katerini, northern Greece, has been arrested, police said yesterday, after allegedly faking a robbery so that he could steal the business’s takings. The 22-year-old apparently had an elaborate plan to make the robbery seem genuine. While off duty, he and a 21-year-old accomplice attempted to stage a hold up at the garage with an air pistol. Both suspects, who covered their faces, were chased off by the night shift employee. The 22-year-old, however, returned to the garage a few hours later for his shift. During that time, he allegedly took almost 5,000 euros in cash from the register and hid it on the premises. He then proceeded to injure himself in the face before calling police, claiming there had been an armed robbery. However, the missing cash was discovered and an air gun was found at the home of one of the two suspects.