Cookie-wielding thief arrested

A Moroccan man was arrested in Athens yesterday on suspicion of having robbed dozens of tourists he befriended in archaeological sites and allegedly fed biscuits containing ground-up sleeping tablets. Police said Brahim Othman, 30, approached foreign visitors amid the antiquities and engaged them in friendly conversation before pressing a biscuit upon them. When his victims – mainly Japanese nationals – accepted, the drug took quick effect. Othman, who is believed to have used the trick in sites of Attica, Crete and the Cyclades, then allegedly emptied the sleeping tourists’ pockets and bags of cash and valuables, took their cameras and fled. Police said at least eight people had fallen victim to Othman’s biscuits in Attica, while dozens of complaints have been lodged with island authorities. Drivers and passengers aged 15-24 had a higher accident rate than others, with 80 percent of deaths resulting from accidents. Alcohol is a primary factor in deaths.