Turk tannery defiling Evros?

Hundreds of dead fish that have washed up from the River Evros in the coastal area of Petalo are believed to have been poisoned by the toxic runoff from a tannery on the Turkish side of the river, local authorities said yesterday. The fish, mostly carp and catfish, were spotted by residents and fishermen who reported the findings, prompting a visit by state scientists. Water and fish samples removed from the area have been tested at local laboratories and the results are expected soon. Meanwhile the head of the Evros prefecture’s fishery department expressed his belief that industry on the Turkish side is to blame. «Usually pollution comes from factories on the Turkish side,» said Nikos Kotoulas, noting that a tannery is believed to be the source in this case. The mayor of Ferres, the municipality where Petalos is located, said the lack of communication between Greek and Turkish local authorities was the problem. «There is no contact with mayors on the Turkish side so there is no way of determining the cause,» Giorgos Oustoglou said.