In Brief

Mt Olympus plunge

Shepherd falls 500 meters National First Aid Center (EKAB) workers early on Saturday rescued a 42-year-old Albanian shepherd from a 500-meter-deep ravine on the slopes of Mount Olympus. The 42-year-old had been grazing sheep on Friday evening when he fell into the ravine, police said, without providing any details of the circumstances of the plunge. The owner of the flock of sheep, who had been with the shepherd at the time of the fall, contacted police, who briefed EKAB. The 42-year-old was in the hospital yesterday with bruised ribs but was otherwise in good health, according to doctors. Thessaloniki clashes Two men face trial this week Two young men alleged to have participated in clashes last Friday between self-styled anarchists and students on the grounds of Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University faced a prosecutor in the northern city on Saturday on charges of illegal arms possession and disturbing the peace. According to police, the two suspects, both 20, had been spotted in the area around the time of the clashes – which resulted in the injury of four students. Officers said one of the two men had been carrying a club. The two men were indicted to trial and are to appear before a Thessaloniki misdemeanors court on Wednesday. Bomb hoax Police on Saturday morning cordoned off the area around the building housing the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on central Academias Street, after an anonymous caller told the Eleftherotypia newspaper that a bomb had been planted there. The area was reopened to traffic after a search of the site by bomb-squad officers failed to unearth any suspect device. Earlier on Saturday, another anonymous call to Eleftherotypia had warned of a blast in Syntagma Square which also turned out to be a hoax. Bakoyannis recovering Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis was recovering steadily from a pulmonary infection, doctors at Athens’s Henri Dunant Hospital said yesterday. Bakoyannis, who reportedly tested negative for swine flu on Friday when she was admitted to the hospital, is believed to have suffered an infection in her right lung. Several ministers and prominent politicians visited her in the hospital over the weekend. Block robber Police in Thessaloniki yesterday were questioning a 22-year-old foreign national alleged to have mugged a 42-year-old resident of an apartment block in the district of Evosmos, fleeing with his cash and mobile phone. The suspect allegedly used a gun to threaten the 42-year-old at the building’s entrance. According to the victim’s testimony, the assailant had an accomplice whom police had yet to trace by late yesterday. Players targeted Two players of Thessaloniki soccer team Iraklis sustained minor injuries yesterday after an unidentified assailant hurled stones at the windshield of the team’s bus after its match against Larissa, which Iraklis won 2-0. The stone-thrower eluded arrest.