In Brief


Greek caught with gun at airport Police at Pakistan’s Karachi airport yesterday detained a Greek man who is alleged to have tried to smuggle a handgun hidden in a laptop onto a plane. The Associated Press cited airport security official Colonel Jamshed Hayat Niazi as saying that the man was arrested at the airport as he tried to board a flight to Dubai. According to Niazi, officials spotted a 9-millimeter pistol concealed in the laptop’s battery compartment as the device had been passing through a security scanner. The man was not identified. Road deaths Two drivers and the passenger of a car were killed early yesterday in a crash on the Athens-Thessaloniki highway near the Velestino junction in central Greece. The accident happened when a coach crashed into a car that had stopped at the side of the road. Traffic police said that the driver of the car had stopped to help another driver who had pulled over because of a problem with his vehicle.