Store manager dead after bid to foil robber

The manager of a supermarket died and an employee at a clothing store in the northern port city of Thessaloniki was in the hospital yesterday after trying to prevent would-be robbers from raiding their premises. Late yesterday afternoon, a lone gunman shot the manager of a supermarket in the district of Sykies when the latter tried to disarm him. According to witnesses, the manager lunged at the would-be robber when he threatened cashiers to hand over the store’s takings. The 53-year-old manager was hit in the chest and died later in the hospital. A few hours earlier in the center of Thessaloniki, two would-be robbers burst into a clothing store and threatened an employee to give up the contents of a cash register. When he refused, one of them hit him with a club, resulting in minor injuries. The pair then fled, also empty-handed.