Harry Potter is cast out of Christendom

An assembly of priests, concerned parents and academics, headed by the bishop of Larissa in central Greece, called on Monday for a ban on Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling’s fictional young wizard adored by children across the world, Mega Channel reported yesterday. «This summer children will read and see films, they will have free time. We must point out what they must not read. ‘Harry Potter’ is one of those (books) that they must not read,» Bishop Ignatios told Mega. Ioannis Milionis, a board member of the Panhellenic Parents Association, claimed the books and film were «apocryphal and satanic.» He added, «In a stealthy fashion, children are taught that there is good magic.» Children’s playwright Carmen Ruggeri commented: «Some priests are trying to remind us of their existence because they have nothing better to do… They should leave fairy tales to children.»