In Brief


Fat processing plant dumps waste into river Local authorities and representatives of an environmental group were called in by residents on Saturday to examine a black oily substance in the Pineios River, outside Larissa in central Greece. The source of the substance, which gave off a strong odor, was found to be an animal fat processing plant that appeared to be dumping residue from its biological cleaning unit into the river. Samples of the substance are being examined, while authorities are preparing their case to have the business fined. The owner of the plant, meanwhile, claimed the incident to be due to negligence and put together a group of his employees to help in the clean-up operation. MUNICIPAL GRAFT Employee caught red-handed An employee of Zakynthos Municipality was remanded in custody on Saturday after being caught by police investigators in the act of receiving a bribe from a local businessman. The 43-year-old businessman told investigators that for several years the employee had been demanding payment in order to expedite a series of applications to the municipality. After receiving another demand for 2,000 euros, the businessman went to the authorities on Saturday and reported the municipal employee. Extradition request Canadian authorities are applying for the extradition of a pediatrician who was arrested at the airport of Iraklio, Crete, on Saturday on an international warrant. The 30-year-old Greek doctor, who resides in Austria, is wanted in Canada on charges of sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy, who was in the hospital where the doctor served as an intern two years ago. Nightclub robbery Three armed men wearing hoods stormed a nightclub in Kyparissia in the southwest Peloponnese, just after closing time in the early hours of Saturday, and made off with 2,200 euros of earnings. The assailants also kidnapped one of the club’s employees and forced him to drive them away from the scene of the crime in his car, before dropping him off shortly after and making away with the vehicle. Witnesses told police that at least one of the men was a local who was known to them. Baby fall Police in Kalamata in the southwestern Peloponnese are investigating the case of a 17-month-old boy who is being treated at an Athens children’s hospital for serious injuries sustained from falling down a stairwell on Saturday. The boy’s mother said the child ran out of their third-floor apartment as she was opening the front door. The boy sustained a broken arm and injuries to his head, for which he had to undergo surgery. Doctors say his condition is stable. Overboard Three men and two women, all uninjured, were fished out of the water off the coast of Hania, Crete, yesterday by a passing yacht after the vessel they were sailing on started taking on water just 40 meters from the coast. Coast guards called into the area could not locate the vessel initially and were later informed that the five passengers were ashore and in good health.