Dialing codes change again

Just when people were getting used to dialing 10 digits for fixed lines, a change introduced last January, the National Telecommunications and Post Commission yesterday issued a reminder that further – and this time final – changes are in store from November 3. The initial 0 of the 10-digit figure now required is to be replaced by a 2 in calls to fixed-line phones, and on January 19 the initial 0 in mobile phone numbers will change to 6, the commission’s president, Emmanouil Giakoumakis, said yesterday. The number 010.123.4567, for example, will become 210.123.4567 (for Athens). The same applies to the provinces. A Mytilene number, now 02530.33.027, will become 22530.33.027. The initial 0 will be dropped from the 0800, 0801 and 090 numbers. For numbers which now begin with 096 (such as for Internet access), the initial 0 will change to an 8. Emergency numbers will not change. As of January 1, 2003, fixed-line subscribers will be able to change their carrier while keeping the same telephone number. Mobile phone subscribers will be able to do the same on July 1 next year.