December 15-23, 1952

EUROPE: Paris, 13 – A decision of major importance in the history of postwar Europe was taken today at a session of the Organization for European Economic Cooperation. All the free countries of Europe – with the aim of putting an end to the need for receiving aid from the United States of America – drew up a program of trade agreements that are based entirely on the countries’ own resources. A total of 17 countries, including Greece and the free zone of Trieste, set up their own economic organization and unanimously approved a plan which was characterized by the American delegate, Mr Draper, as marking the dawn of a brilliant, peaceful economic period for Europe. In a report on the economic program of all of the 17 states, the theory of a Europe that would enjoy complete self-sufficiency by means of strengthening the economic bonds between its member states was expounded. POST-CIVIL WAR: Thessaloniki, 13 – According to a telegram from of Kilkis, last night two bandits were ambushed by a patrol south of the Krousia crossroads. A battle ensued in which both bandits were killed. The army and police units are continuing to comb the area. ALEXANDRA TRIANTI: The famous Greek singer of lieder Alexandra Trianti left yesterday for New York where she is scheduled to give two recitals at City Hall.