‘Blessed are the peacemakers’

There are good and bad nuclear weapons, good and bad chemical and biological weapons, and there is good and bad terrorism, good and bad death. Good nuclear weapons (or chemical, or biological) are always our weapons, those used by our liberating and righteous troops as well as those sold to our enemies before they were designated our enemies – that is, when they were still subservient. Bad nuclear weapons are always in the hands of the others, our permanent or temporary enemies. These weapons are so bad that they preserve their malignity even when their very existence is doubtful, or at least when it has not been proven by the inspectors that we have authorized and about whom one thing is certain: They are not friends of Saddam. But again, that is not certain either. Given that «whoever is not with us is against us» (meaning anyone who does not serve us is with Saddam), Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei, the UN chief inspectors, are controlled by Saddam, either as hirelings or true followers. Otherwise, they would not have rushed to confirm that the warheads they discovered were empty and harmless, as opposed to leaving the whole matter to the machinery of trigger-happy propaganda. Effectively, Saddam’s friends include the pope, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, President Jacques Chirac, most Hollywood actors, and all these people demonstrating for «peace.» How naive. They have either misread the Bible’s «blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God,» or they do not realize we are God’s chosen people, «the benevolent and compassionate nation,» as the modest US president said. We honor God so much that we depict Him on our coins and we start no war without first ensuring His blessing. Our enemies too claim to have God on their side. But they are fundamentalists and obscurantists; they deserve to be bombed.

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