The lord of terror

The lord of terror

If over 30 years ago the Soviet Union was the “Evil Empire” which systematically planned the destabilization of Western Europe by utilizing the services of the communist parties of Europe and the broader Left, today it is the Right that is accused by democratic forces of being the bearer of the interests of Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi submitted his resignation a few days ago, after being voted down by the parties that supported his administration, and Europe fell into a catatonic state. Two right-wing party leaders, Matteo Salvini of Lega Nord and Silvio Berlusconi of Forza Italia, are seen as taking an ambivalent stance toward Russia and Putin.

A few months ago, during the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen was also accused by her main rival, President Emmanuel Macron, of being financed by Putin. But, as Le Pen explained, when French banks refused to lend to her party she was was forced to take out loans from a Russian bank. It was that simple.

The collapse of communist regimes in Europe was greeted with enthusiasm by the West, but it highlighted a major problem: Post-communist Russia was not easily manageable. And this was because, contrary to the theoretical aphorisms formulated in 1992 by Francis Fukuyama for “The End of History,” Russia began to shape a new national ideological identity, in which it included the Romanovs – Russian’s last imperial dynasty – and Orthodoxy.

The participation of a large group of monarchists under the coat of arms of the Romanovs in the parade organized in Moscow in May 1995 for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the unconditional surrender of Germany created quite a stir. This occurred under the presidency of Boris Yeltsin and was promoted more systematically by his successor, Putin, who cultivated Moscow’s relations with Europe’s right-wing nationalist parties – the EU and US Trojan Horse. And this could not be tolerated.

It may be that US President Joe Biden is right and Putin is indeed the “embodiment of evil.” But maybe not. It is also possible that Biden sought a conflict with the Russian president to emerge as the leader who eradicated evil from humanity. These things happen in politics. Only the strategy developed by the American president’s staff is not having the expected results, at least so far. The whole project, so far, seems to be leading to the economic and political disorganization of Europe.

EU leaders are fully aware of this, but they are determined to remain firm in their decision to emerge victorious from their clash with President Putin. Wherever this affair leads us in the end.

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