February 8, 1953

DUE TO HUNGER: Mytilene, 7 – At the second primary school in the village of Kamara, many pupils have fainted from hunger. LULU MISSING: On January 28, a white dog answering to the name of Lulu was lost (…). The finder will be rewarded. LEAVE GRANTED TO POLITICAL EXILES: The interior minister, Mr Pafsanias Lykourezos, has announced that the Papagos government has decided to grant temporary leave to certain exiled communists, following the submission of reports by relevant committees in the security service whose members will examine applications on a case-by-case basis on site. The minister specifically said that of the 1,262 communists in the Aghios Efstratios camp, 220 will be granted leave. Of the 62 women in the Trikeri camp, 40 will be granted leave. If these individuals behave according to the law, added the minister, consideration will be given at a later date to releasing them altogether. AMERICAN EXCAVATIONS: Next week, American excavations will begin in the Ancient Agora under the supervision of Mr Thompson. The antiquities ephorate head, Mr Threpsiadis, is to supervise the dig for the Greek State. GYZIS: Formerly unpublished letters by the painter Nikolaos Gyzis have been published in a book containing 60 illustrations, priced at 35,000 drachmas. At all bookshops.