February 11-12, 1953

SCHUMAN PLAN: London, 10 – As of midnight tonight, the Schuman Plan goes into operation, as tariff barriers between six European countries participating in the coal market are lifted. On March 15, the same will apply to steel tariffs. (Ed. note: The new organization, the European Coal and Steel Consortium, was the forerunner of the European Economic Community.) FARMING: The first measures, announced yesterday by Minister for Coordination Spyros Markezinis in Thessaloniki to help support the farmers of Greece are only the beginning of the Papagos government’s farming program. According to the initial measures announced, interest payments are to be reduced and commissions abolished, protecting wheat, tobacco, cotton and rice crops. Mr Mitrelias is to be transferred from his post as vice president of the Council of State to take over as governor of the Agricultural Bank. NIKOS GOUNARIS: The Greek singer Nikos Gounaris, currently on tour in the United States of America and who gave a concert in New York to benefit the orphans in Greece, was yesterday presented to Her Majesty Queen Frederiki and handed her a check for $3,420 for the charity in question. BEANS: As of today, beans will be sold in Athens for the set price of 4,900 drachmas per oka (about 1.2 kilos).