February 24-25, 1953

MINOTIS VS THEOTOKAS: The former general director of the National Theater, Mr Giorgos Theotokas, in a letter to Kathimerini from London which was published on February 5, said with regard to the National’s tour of the US, «The National Theater’s negotiations with Mrs (Katina) Paxinou and Mr (Alexis) Minotis (…) were extremely exhausting and caused us much trouble…» In a reply from New York published in Kathimerini on February 24, Mr Minotis said that Mr Theotokas thought it was sufficient to «restrict himself to titles and offices, even to lazing about, and that is why he had problems with the troublesome negotiations he has been carrying on with us for some time. The poor man has never realized that the theater, and life in the theater, consists of trouble and strife, especially when one is dealing with actors who want everything to be done properly. It is not a question of tradition, nor one of ‘dilettantism.’ It is he who is incapable of understanding our mentality. Nor will he ever be able to understand it as long as he lives, because he is lacking in imagination, verve and the right kind of attitude. Actors call him ‘spoiled’ and no wonder. (…) We professionals who are ambitious pay for our mistakes with our talent and our knowledge, but what can amateurs pay with? They are indebted from birth.»