On strikes, immigration and the power of the silent majority

Let the Germans take them

This crisis is a direct result of the human rights fantasies of Europe’s progressive societies, Germany, Scandanavia etc. So why is it then that they refuse to take any of these illegals if they care so much about human rights? In fact many of the so-called progressive nations are sending the illegals right back into the Greek malaise.

The longer this purgotary in immigration policy persists, the greater the danger that violence will erupt. The European Union is pushing Greece into a fascist outcome which will ensure these «xenoi» end up in the rest of Europe as refugess from one of their own members. How humiliating will that be for the EU’s politically correct autocrats?

I can assure you one thing, assimilation for these people is impossible in Greece as long as they cling on to their Islamic roots. Papandreou is an American stooge and his immigrant-friendly policies do not represent the sentiment on the Greek street.

The Greeks both cannot and do not want to accommodate these people in their country.


Strikes, strikes, on and on

The citizens of Greece voted for a new government to sort out their mess. The new government is trying to do that against great odds.

Those citizens who think that they have the most to lose are busy demonstrating by strike action.

Those citizens, who are busy ?striking? for the bonuses and benefits and tax relief that they had before, have forgotten that the system is broken, and that the country is bankrupt.

Those citizens, many of whom are part of the civil elites of the country, and should know better, seem determined to disrupt the efforts of the government to secure a viable financial future for Greece. It is no accident that all these demonstrations are taking place when the ?troika? are in Athens.

If the government gives in, nobody wins. Greece will be globally declared bankrupt. All loans will be withdrawn. And no money will be lent to such an indebted country.



The silent majority shall react

It is time for the prime minister to talk to the country and denounce those who are unlawful, whether they are far-left supporters not paying metro fares or road tolls, or those weathly guys avoiding taxes by all means.

It is time for the prime minister to use the best of its many civil servants for tracking the thieves who spread lawlessness.

It is time for the prime minister to support fairness at all costs, because unfairness keeps on feeding the beast of lawlessness, making it grow day after day. If some road concession projects have to be renegotiated because there is actually no free by-road or because the upgrading won?t be done for years, let?s do it now and quickly, even if it means extending the concession period.

It is time for the prime minister to launch a massive communication campaign on TV, in newspapers, on the streets, for denouncing all sort of disrespectful, unlawful, outrageous, violent behavior which is currently getting more and more common in every corner of Greek society.

It is time to launch a movement called ?I Don?t Steal and I Pay? to finally shame those demagogists pretending to be heroes of the people they actually steal from.


Change of attitude

Greece needs to grow up and clean up its attitude. It is time we accepted responsibility for our own mess and stopped blaming outsiders (the foreigners) as well as stopped trying to undo each other on the pure basis of politcal loyalties, «football politics» and hooligan demonstrations.

Furthermore, we seriously need to consider our moral basis and ethical practices regarding our business dealings with each other, stop this Byzantine strategy of getting things done with the handout, bribe, gift or favor, whatever name you want to give it. Honesty goes a long way.

Greece will never change unless its people are willing to change its attitude and hold the corrupt members of its society accountable, including our spoiled-brat and selfish tendencies which prevent us from becoming responsible citizens, hence undermining our country and its people.

And lastly, we really have to improve our red-tape bureaucracy, which is well known as archaic and inefficient by modern standards, causing undue stress for those working within the system and for those that need to rely on it.

The key to moving ahead is a change of attitude and values, a willingness to adapt, to be introspective and accept our errors, to compromise and work together as a team for once.


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