A disgusted citizen and others

Vegan couple turned down for adoption

This is such a shame! I’m sure they would have made fine and loving parents, and would have fed their child a very healthy diet.


Patriarch’s plea

The patriarch makes absolute sense [in calling on the world to reject nuclear energy], as the Japanese nuclear disaster and Chernobyl both prove. Nuclear energy is simply unsafe and now hundreds of thousands of Japanese will either be forced to move if the reactors leak or they will suffer deformities and death for generations to come.

I am glad that Greece has so much solar power, unlike so many other nations that fail to utilize God’s gift – the Sun.


Mrs Merkel and Nobody

Well-written article [commentary by Nikos Konstandaras, March 14, 2011]. I am a retired northern European living in Greece. I love the country but I can’t for my life understand how things can change. The problem is that the Greeks have to change from being egoistic to being loyal to one another. The Greeks love to be middlemen and make a buck in between. Now you have to invest your own funds. Abolish the red tape to start a company and, of course, open all closed professions now.


A disgusted citizen

I am writing this letter to you to inform you that after getting attacked and beaten up brutally, I have lost my driver’s license as well as a significant amount of money that the muggers took from me.

To my surprise, I realized that the Transport Ministry considers theft and loss to be in the same category, as I have to pay to have my license replaced. I realized that the cases of people who may have been careless and lost their document somewhere are similar to the cases of those who got mugged, hence they should all be handled in the same fashion.

In this country that fate only has unfortunately sent us to, we are forced to tolerate offensive behavior and unbearable injustice. We both get robbed time and again and we have to bear the cost of it, like foolish citizens from whom those who make such decisions get their salaries.

If my case is to be considered by the ministry as a simple loss and not mugging and if I have to pay additional money to have my driver’s license replaced, meaning I would have to face an additional cost to the amount of money I got robbed of, then these ministry officials are no different to those who mugged me; they, too, are violent and unfair.

These laws are nothing else than pure mockery, monstrous arrogance and exploitation.

Unless they revise their decision, all that is left for me to do is not to have my license replaced. I consider it an insult that forms part of the disgusting set-up that they have the cheek to call state organization.


Greek tourism

I am always disappointed and frustrated when I read articles about the future of tourism in Greece. Having spent all my life in the UK watching British television, I can honestly say I have never seen an advert promoting tourism in Greece! Over the last 20 years or so, there have been aggressive campaigns on UK television to promote tourism in just about every other part of the world — Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Dubai, India, Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand, California, Malta, the Balearics, the Canaries etc. Why have there not been adverts promoting tourism in Greece? It appears to be complacent to just automatically expect people to visit Greece when so many other interesting places are constantly flashed before their eyes on TV night after night. Yet Greece has so much to offer.

The generation that used to visit Greece as «Island Hoppers» 20 or 30 years ago for several weeks in the summer has passed. Students today could not visit Greece for any length of time due to the high cost of living. It is the people in between, i.e., the 25-50-year-olds with disposable incomes, who you need to be targeting through advertising campaigns.

I am here because of my husband’s love for Greece, which developed in his student days, but we are finding it increasingly difficult to visit here on a pension due to the cost of petrol and food — and we are not going to live forever!

Please get your act together, Greece! There are so many people who really don’t know all that your country has to offer. Advertise, advertise, advertise. It makes me sad that the country does not appear to be as proactive as others.


There is no doubt about the abundance of resources in Greece that should make it No 1 as a world tourist center.

But in the light of the constant disruptions, strikes, delays and cancellations that have plagued Greece over the last two years, I would advise everyone to go somewhere else for their holiday.

This is true not only for people coming into Greece but also for those like me who live in Greece.

I want to go to Athens but the trains are on strike; the buses are not running; the roads are blocked by tractors; the toll booths are closed; the lorries are on a go-slow; the metro is canceled; the ferries are canceled; there are demonstrations and riots all the time. There is no joy in going anywhere in this country. It is best to stay at home.

And people and traders have the nerve to wonder why their business is collapsing.

If strikers want to have a job to go back to, they need to work out other strategies that involve discussion, negotiation and compromise; and allow citizens and visitors to go about their business without hindrance.


Opposition parties

The same corrupt opposition parties that did nothing but lie, cheat, steal, hide data and drag Greece’s economy in the dirt don’t like the loan terms.

If it wasn’t for the corruption, arrogance and greed of these politicians that were meant to be representing the interests of the Greek people that elected them, this mess wouldn’t be happening.

The only thing they care about is that things change in Greece so much that they’re no longer able to bribe more money out of the electorate.


When the wolves are supposed to save the sheep

It should not be a surprise that the deficit is increasing. Nothing has been done regarding the government?s wasteful spending. The only thing that the government has accomplished so far is to have many private sector businesses closed and private sector employees lose their jobs. The government policies make no sense whatsoever and it comes as no surprise that they are failing. The same people who created the problem have been asked to now solve it! I do not think this is possible and it is going against common logic. You cannot expect that the wolves will save the sheep.

A new government is needed and should be made from people who haven’t been in Greek politics.


The issue of illegal immigration

A simple solution to the illegal break-in and takeover of the university by the illegal immigrants: Go in with police, arrest them and immediately deport them. Laws must be respected, otherwise there is anarchy. You cannot enforce certain laws and not others. Why is it that if you were to do this in someone?s home, you would be arrested and prosecuted, but in this case, they are allowed to continue their illegal activity, receive free medical care paid for by the taxpayer, and we are told to have sympathy for them. How stupid are the people of Greece to allow this nonsense?


Are there any demands from non-Greeks that the government of Greece will take a strong stand? Does this weak government know what a strong stand is?

Pack the bags of these blackmailers and send them off to their country of origin. Their attitude will change. I am so sickened by what I see happening to Greece — an invasion of massive proportions (so-called immigrants) is taking place.

So what does this government do to discourage this wave of invaders? It caves in to the demands of the extortionists. Isn?t extortion against Greek law? It is pathetic to see such a downward turn for a former paradise.

I see Greece being changed in character, spirit and attitude, its soul being stolen by invaders. When a government cannot defend its borders it ceases to be a government.


The manner in which Mr Ragousis caved in to the slightest pressure and allowed a bunch of illegal immigrants to blackmail the Greek people is absolutely disgraceful. It makes us sick to witness the celebrations of those that do not have a legal right to be in Greece succeeding in dictating government policy. For those that were on hunger strike for 44 days, they appear exceptionally healthy and fit.

Not only must illegal immigrants not be allowed to work and be deported, those that hire them must be fined as is done in other «Non-Banana Republics.» Those arrogant individuals that jump the queue and enter a country illegally not only show contempt for law and order, they also undermine those trying to enter the country by legal means.

What messages do such weak actions send to other illegal immigrants and all the other groups that constantly strike and refuse to pay; for example, tolls, bus fares and taxes? If the government continues to allow policy to be dictated by special interest groups and the far-left loonies, as it has done for generations, Greece’s future is questionable.

It is not surprising that a total lack of law enforcement in every aspect of life has resulted in a total corrupt and lawless society. Weak politicians like Mr Ragousis and all the other dead wood that roam the corridors of power must be sacked and replaced by others that have the ability, guts and determination to bring Greece out of the current crisis which is on the verge of political, moral and financial bankruptcy.


No matter how the minister tries to justify his decision, the fact is that the hunger strike blackmail of illegal entrants into Greece has been rewarded.

In fact we have a situation where the lawbreakers have been rewarded for illegal entry and illegal stay, as well as in occupying the property of the university.

What will happen now? Well it is clear: More of these type of actions will start to take place.

Already across Greek society we have people and organizations who choose to defy the law, and yet avoid any form of justice.

What does this say about the government, the sense of responsibility of Greeks toward our country, and about the future of our democracy?


MPs looking to take Moody’s to court

Why not? Fred and his dog know that these credit agencies need to be scrutinized. Bad news from many directions. So often. So painful. Getting the rescue loan seems to be more painful than getting a bone from a dog. All too much to bear for Greek people. I hope the leadership comes up with a very brave and ingenious decision that can make Greek people cheer up this summer.


Comments on Libya intervention

Since my fellow American in Greece wanted comments, here are a few. I too am an American living in Greece. I do not see the anti-American stance that he alludes to among many Greek friends and associates. But that said I too do not want to see the US intervene in Libya. The US has acted as the world?s supposed peacekeeper frequently and far too many times without support of the majority of nations. On the other hand, I cannot condone the actions of the Libyan government, or any other government against its people.

Unfortunately, action by the UN takes far too long when severely needed. But other actions are available. I condone actions against any country that bombs its own population via embargoes, financial blockage of funds and all goods other than that necessary for human life. We all witnessed an almost perfect example still playing out, Egypt. Pressure from the US and other countries, communication, negotiation. This is the way for our future. We have one planet to live on and perhaps we all need to recognize we need to respect each other?s religious and historical beliefs and learn to communicate better.


New Kathimerini website

I have just discovered your news site today. It struck me straight away as bright looking. Some news sites are offputting and unwelcoming. Yours says to me, ?Come inside and feel free to enjoy your visit.? I am interested in politics and like to look at various regions of the world.

Sofia News has captured my attention for its detailed news reporting. I wanted to look at other countries in the region. I am very pleased to have found your website. I will be a regular visitor. This is what you want. And this is what you will get.

I have read Angela Merkel’s statement in regard to the bailout loan to Greece (and Ireland) and I read a very interesting story about the visit of Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu to your country and the comments about the territorial waters of Kastelorizo.

This is a rich site. It has been put on my favorites list. I am hoping to learn about Greek history and culture and society and sport and politics.


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