Grabbing the opportunity

Despite the political uncertainty in Greece, the incompetence of most politicians to deal effectively with important issues, the gradual collapse of the state and the opposition’s rabid opposition to all investment, there are investors who are still prepared to put their money in the debt-wracked country.

This means something. It tells us that Greece has an abundance of human capital, of capable people, and has nothing to envy in other parts of the world. It also tells us that Greece has natural beauty, is rich in resources and holds an important geopolitical position.

Level-headed observers of developments in Greece believe that while it is close to rock-bottom the country is due for a recovery soon. And this why there are so many investors, Greek and foreign, who are looking for opportunities and who are willing to put their money in the country.

The fact that the political system and various state agencies cannot rise to the challenge and make the most of this interest is truly a shame.