On LAOS, energy policy, Cisse, ancient cheesecake

Ancient cheesecake

Sorry, but your comment regarding mascarpone being the ‘conventional’ cheese for this dish is not correct. ANY cream cheese can and is used as the main ingredient. Also the origin of the cake is believed to have originated in ancient Greece. History has the first recorded mention of cheesecake, as being served to the athletes during the first Olympic Games held in 776 BC. The recipe consisted of crushed cheese, wheat flour and one egg. It’s not quite the recipe of modern cakes today, but a cheesecake none the less!



Mr Cisse shows great dignity — but [Vangelis] Marinakis… How do people like Marinakis achieve money, power and influence in Greece? He is beneath contempt… but he is the senior official of the Super League, and apparently he is tolerated by the government and the public. He should be banned from having any role in Greek football, but he won’t be.

Poor Mr Cisse. Now he will become a victim of the Greek ‘justice’ system, with its notorious pro-Greek anti-foreigner bias. As Mr Cisse has wisely announced his intention to leave Greece, Marinakis’ lawyers and the courts will collude — hearings will be scheduled, Mr Cisse and his lawyer will attend, but Marinakis and his cronies will be absent, so the hearing will be postponed — repeated as often as necessary, until Mr Cisse gives up. Follow the Greek 2004 Olympic ‘athletes’ and their joke trial (as a pro-Greek example), and the poor US woman raped on Crete (as an anti-foreigner example) and many other examples.

Why is the ‘silent minority’ so silent in Greece (Kathimerini and a few other brave voices excepted)?


The rise of LAOS

Good analysis [?Why LAOS is gaining supporters,? March 16, Alexis Papachelas]. Should we really be surprised this is happening? If you are, take a trip to central Athens. You know, the area where the four lamestream parties (PASOK, New Democracy, KKE and little SYRIZA) continue to play amensia while the area has been turned into a third world ghetto with its lawless decor. Images that have hurt Greece and its image as a safe tourist destination. These parties only blow out recycled hot air. Words mean nothing from these clowns! As such, someone has to fill the void. Under these hopeless circumstances, people become desperate for action that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago. The abdication of leadership by the pathetic four is leading to the rise of LAOS.


Where is the energy policy?

Greece, as a developed country, is a large consumer of electricity and petroleum. But Greece generates most of its electricity from its lignite-fired plants in the Ptolemais and Megalopolis areas, and these reserves will run out within 30 years at current rates of use. One area where Greece is underdeveloped is hydroelectric power generation; only about one-third of Greece’s hydroelectric power potential is being utilized currently, and perhaps one-third of the country’s electricity needs could be produced from this potential. Photovoltaic potential is great in Greece, and one would think that Greek researchers would be world leaders in developing technologies to harness this power source. One final area where Greece is lagging way behind is exploitation of petroleum reserves. If the country has the potential to produce 40 million barrels of oil per year, as the government recently stated, about one-third of its domestic needs, why isn’t this being done? There are reports that say Greece could have up to 4 billion barrels under its north Aegean fields and another 2.2 billion under the Ionian Sea, and that Greece has the potential to produce 200,000 barrels per day, about half the country’s daily consumption. What is being done to exploit these potential reserves? All of these could help the Greek economy significantly in the future, lower the trade deficit, and make Greece less dependent on Middle East oil.


Peter Kates


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