Condolences, the Sea Diamond and liberalization

Condolences to family of US man killed in Santorini rockslide

The two Mexican girls are our nieces living with us in Houston, Texas. We are both very thankful to God and the citizens of Santorini who helped them through this horrific incident. Our condolences to the lady and her daughter who lost their husband and father.

May God bless them.

Karl Gray

Action needed over Sea Diamond wreck

The government must force either the owners of the ship or the insurers to act. At the very least to remove all oil and fuel — which as an ex-navy diver (Australia) I know can be done.

The ship itself can then become an artificial reef and divers? interest area.

But the fuel etc must be removed ASAP and someone must force the owners or insurers to do so.

Angelo Kenos

An absence of responsibility

Your report says: ?Louis Cruise Lines, which owned the ship, has firmly rejected any responsibility for the sinking.?

So I suppose this rock just came out of the sea, put itself in the way of the ship, and sank it?

Robert Scott

?Closed professions? are a remnant of the communist era

How come Greece is the only remaining bastion of communism in Western Europe?

?Closed professions» are a remnant of the communist era. Why would some professions be opened and others not? What are we afraid of? Opening them all up would bring money into the the country and real competition will come into force. No more bribes and no more ?tsiflikia.? Get on Greeks, and show how capable you are. Stop cutting corners and get rid of the old habits.

I grew up in Egypt, lived in the UK and now in France.

Why is it that we Greeks succeed and are respected when we are abroad but fail when we live in our own country?

Is it because we manipulate the laws and ethics when our leaders are Greeks, but don?t even consider doing it when we are living abroad and some other so-called ?progressive? nationality is governing us?

Would that then mean that we have lost our own identity and adapted the Ottoman one after 400-plus years of occupation by the Turks? Or is it because we think it is easier to be lazy and use our fine brains to cheat instead of excelling and producing wealth not only personal but for our country as a consequence? Please do not say that in Greece we do not behave because our politicians are a bunch of traitors or corrupt because we have elected them and they are part of us, so no more excuses there.

Alex Charalambous

36 professions to be liberalized

It boggles my mind that Greece had laws limiting the number of beauticians, among 136 other professions that can be in business. Maybe if the people in these professions paid their taxes the country would not be in the mess it is. This is one of the many reasons they are in such trouble.

Cathy Boyd

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