April 9, 1953

GREECE-BULGARIA: Yesterday, the following announcement was released by the Army General Staff: «Today, Saturday, April 4, at 8.15 a.m., the Bulgarians launched a deadly attack in their customary underhanded manner at Greek guard post No. 115 in the region of Angistro, a distance of about 600-700 meters from the border with Bulgaria, under the following conditions. A Greek patrol on Greek territory on a scheduled mission was attacked from 4 meters away in an ambush by a Bulgarian patrol. A Greek soldier, Alexandros Paspanaris, of Manolada in the Peloponnese, was killed. After this underhanded attack, the Bulgarians retreated to their own territory, covered by fire from the Bulgarian watchtower at Piperitsa. The Greek patrol bravely attacked the murderers and took possession of the Greek watchtower, where the Bulgarians had been lying in wait, and routed them. Senior officers and members of the UN Commission rushed to the site. The Bulgarian authorities, after receiving a letter referring to the incident and the death of the Greek soldier, replied that they had investigated the incident and found that there had been no violation of Greek territory. FLEMING-AMALIA: Dr Alexander Fleming is to marry his colleague Amalia Koutsouri today in Chelsea Town Hall. A church wedding will later be held in London’s Greek Orthodox Church.