Wish you were here

The escalation of violence witnessed over the past few days will naturally have a negative effect on Greece?s growth and tourism. Locals have grown accustomed to the regular outbursts of violence, but the damage to the country?s interests is beyond repair.

Shops are being vandalized, large groups of travelers are canceling their trips, as are conference-goers, and foreign investors are looking the other way.

The recent riots in Syntagma Square, like those in Keratea, southeast of Athens, in the previous months, have put our democracy in jeopardy.

The middle-classes, people who are trying to make ends meet, naturally wonder why the political class and the police have failed to clamp down on violence for 30 years now. Is it incompetence, lack of political courage, failure to cooperate with the judiciary — or something else other than that?

Whatever it is, it must be solved immediately with the cooperation of all parties — including the Communist Party — before the country slides deeper into hatred and violence.