’Pandering to the readers’

HOORAY for Kathimerini! I am an American. A descendant of the writers of the American Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I have chosen to live in Greece. I have been concerned by the potential total control of Kathimerini by The New York Times, a newspaper with its own incomprehensible agenda including an anti-Greek, pro-Turkish attitude. The editorials of April 12 show truly independent and honest writing – a position lacking in most news reporting throughout the world. My education included a course on «How to Read a Newspaper,» which taught me to look through the slanting of the news. Kathimerini gives me the chance for better insight. You support my instinctive sense for «what is really going on» and my search for the truth. You touched the core of the issue in mentioning the «pandering to the readers.» Most people want to read only support for their own views and do not want to consider that they might be wrong. I have always tried to read – or watch – information with which I do not agree. Again, thank you Kathimerini. W. CARLYLE MORRIS, Patras.