Hard truths, not niceties

Greece?s mainstream parties are caught up in a vortex of populism that could have catastrophic consequences for the debt-hit country.

Several deputies, including politicians who served as government ministers in the past couple of years, appear to be competing among themselves in an attempt to convince the Greek public that they had no knowledge of, or that they did not want, Greece?s bailout agreement.

It?s ironic in a sense, because these are the same people who bomb-shelled every reform included in the deal signed with the EU and the IMF, which effectively resulted to the disastrous recipe of excessive taxation and horizontal cuts — without any serious effort to cut down the country?s oversized and wasteful state.

More provocative however, is the populist spiel of several representatives of the so-called reformist bloc who indulge in cost-free criticism, without offering any credible ideas on change.

They say what people want to hear. It?s a shame, for this is time for hard truths, not niceties.