A country?s long-lost dignity

The proposal for the appointment of an EU commissioner to approve Greece?s public spending justifiably generated both local and international uproar.

Berlin seems incapable of understanding that it cannot impose its will on the European Union in the same way that the Allies did on Germany in the aftermath of World War I.

However, let?s also be honest with ourselves and admit that behind the argument that submitting to a commissioner would be conceding sovereignty lie politicians and others who have wasted and plundered the country?s wealth. Who?s to say that a European commissioner would respect the Greek people?s hard work any less than a number of our local politicians? And let?s not forget exactly where the country stands today and the extent to which it depends on its partners? loans to pay salaries and pensions. We lost our dignity and sovereignty long ago, when we allowed an inadequate and rotten political system to mortgage the country?s future so that it could carry out special favors, satisfy its clients and keep everyone happy.

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