Steps for averting disaster

Recent polls reflect the public?s anger, its skepticism regarding the political parties in power and the belief that austerity is not the only way out of the crisis.

While the May 6 elections may signal the end of a particularly bad period, they might not necessarily point to a new beginning as it would be nearly impossible to exit such a deep crisis without serious upheaval. The entire point, though, is to avoid a major disaster during this transitional phase. While our partners seem ready to help in the next few months so as to avoid a disorganized default, we have to ensure that certain visible dangers are averted. These include the prevalence of lawlessness in the streets, any panic that could fatally wound the banking system and irresponsible behavior that could be used as a catalyst by those demanding Greece?s eurozone exit.

For Greece to enter a phase of economic and political recovery, it needs stability.