Extremism demands response

The rise of political extremism, both on the left and on the right of the political spectrum, is a cause for major concern and the concern it has generated is already evident in Greece, but also in the rest of Europe.

It has also become evident by now that the ever-increasing levels of unemployment among the country?s young on the one hand, coupled with massive discrepancies in the distribution of wealth on the other, have led a portion of Greek society to embrace opinions of the fascist bent and to applaud extreme behavior.

Dealing with the deeper, root causes of this alarming situation is the only thing that will eventually protect society from such extreme political phenomena.

In the meantime, it is vital for every single person in this society to come together in order to condemn as well as put an end to acts of violence that are taking on dangerous proportions.

No act of violence, no agressive behavior, no attempt to silence free speech can or should be tolerated — no matter which side, whether left or right, it is coming from.