Allergic to serious debate

Some people out there are obviously allergic to any form of serious, in-depth discussion concerning Greece?s possible euro exit and return to the drachma.

That would explain why, at every opportunity, they try to stifle or discredit anyone who has a substantiated view on the question — and one that happens to be different to their own.

The reactions from the staunch champions of the drachma are easy to understand. The same cannot be said about the reactions coming from those who claim that they want to keep the country in the single currency area.

If their aim really is to secure Greece?s place inside the eurozone, it?s hard to see why they would be intimidated by reports describing the consequences of abandoning the common currency.

The Greek people need to listen to all opinions — ranging from the most extreme to the most moderate. But they have every right to be skeptical toward those who fend off serious arguments by making innuendos or hurling barbs and personal accusations at their critics.

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