SMEs need a helping hand

The pressure that the average citizen is under due to the impact that the crisis has had on every household is enormous and has led to the general feeling of pessimism and despair that is so prevalent in society.

However, there have also been some positive signs to support the optimists who believe that Greece’s prospects are beginning to look up.

According to Bank of Greece data, for example, while the country made just 800 million euros in revenues from foreign investors in 2011, this figure climbed to 2.3 billion euros in 2013 and has already reached 1.1 billion in the first five months of this year.

A lot of this capital has been channeled toward direct investments, which means jobs. After all, the only cure for the country’s high unemployment is investment. Now if the government could find a way to ease the problems faced by small and medium-sized companies, we would certainly see some very impressive results.