In search of an identity

Following recent statements from SYRIZA deputies Dimitris Papadimoulis on the one hand and Petros Lafazanis on the other regarding the reinstatement of fired civil servants and the return of public sector salaries to pre-crisis levels, it is now more than apparent that there is a clear dividing line between the extreme and moderate elements of the leftist main opposition party.

Party leader Alexis Tsipras is now trying very hard – using a combination of indirect tactics and carefully measured language – to strike some kind of balance within the ranks of the leftist party. However, in spite of his efforts, it is clear that the rift is growing deeper and SYRIZA is bound to face some very serious turmoil regarding its identity and policy line if it comes to power.

Of course this problem will be nothing compared to the daunting reality it will face if it is ever elected into government, especially given the current circumstances in this country.