No nasty surprises

We cannot stress enough the gravity of maintaining calm. What Greece needs right now more than anything else is a political system that is stable and operating smoothly. Without this, the chances of the economy seeing a recovery anytime soon and the economy beginning to come out of the doldrums are almost zero.

The political event that may rock the boat to generate a serious crisis could be caused by anything from the overzealous populism of a certain lawmaker to Greece’s international creditors making demands of the country that it cannot possibly meet.

Either way, a political event that could cause major upheaval and threaten the country’s chances of a recovery is something that must be avoided at all cost.

It is absolutely crucial that the government comes out of this week’s confidence vote triumphant. Then, after taking a few days to get back in the saddle, it must step up the pace of reforms that have admittedly been lagging to some extent.