August 4-10, 1953

COLOR TELEVISION: Paris, 3 – According to reports from Chicago, in all likelihood the first color television will be sold in America next year. FISHING BOATS: (From the column «An Athenian’s Notes») – «It is really worth taking a trip by night to the Saronic islands of Aegina or Poros simply to enjoy a simply spectacular sight. By that I mean the sight of the multitude of lights from the fishing boats scattered all around the Saronic Gulf, and which are reflected in the water. The only sight that can tear one’s eyes away from this is that of the beauty of the stars in the night sky. Large numbers of «grigri» fishing boats fill the Saronic Gulf each night with a golden shimmer, so many of them that the poetic reverie in which their lights shine is only disturbed by the banal thought that if the catch is proportional to the number of lights, we should be paying rock-bottom prices for our fish. OLD CALENDRISTS: «The Panhellenic Religious and National Orthodox Society» is protesting because «500 Old Calendrists from the district of Evangelistria, Piraeus, while on their way to a service at a private church, were intercepted and abused by a police officer.» The society said that the Old Calendrists’ patience has been sorely tried and that if their religious freedom is not protected, «we will be mourning many victims in the future.»