A pay plan with a filter

The decision to set up a payment plan for individuals and businesses with outstanding debts to the state can no longer be postponed as there are many people out there who cannot possibly meet their financial obligations the way things currently stand.

At the same time, there has to be a way to make sure that the public interest will be safeguarded against opportunists and bad debtors who have systematically failed to pay their dues – also before Greece was hit by the debt crisis – as well as those who simply refuse to pay despite having the capacity to do so.

Regrettably, there are too many examples of businesspeople who continue to live the good life while their debts to the state mount. The conservative-led government has to come up with a formula that will filter profligate individuals out of a pay arrangement. Or, as is so often the case in this country, good payers will feel that they have been wronged.