August 23, 1953

AMERICAN AID: The US Embassy issued an announcement yesterday that the last units of the Sixth Fleet sailed yesterday for the quake-stricken Ionian Islands. On the site are civilian representatives of the American Mission who are cooperating with the Greek authorities on a long-term program of reconstruction. A number of US marines have also stayed on in the islands to help clear the streets. All other work is being done by the Greek services with the help of the British Navy. The American mission has set up radio transmitters on the three islands (Ithaca, Cephalonia and Zakynthos) to ensure communication until the local installations are rebuilt. Vice-Admiral Ralph Earl, head of the mission’s naval department, had a meeting on Friday, August 21, in Argostoli with Lt. Gen. Iatridou before disbanding his headquarters that had been set up in Patras. British Rear Admiral Norris also took part in the meeting. GREECE-BULGARIA: According to Foreign Minister Mr Stephanos Stephanopoulos, information to hand on the talks between the Greek and Bulgarian delegations indicate satisfactory conclusions and that there are well-founded hopes for a rapprochement of views. If this does occur, the two governments will sign an agreement resolving all the border issues that have arisen between the two countries.