Silence will not be forgiven

It’s time for a turn toward realism, caution and logic. The negotiations with our partners and lenders must be concluded swiftly before the remaining healthy parts of the country’s productive fabric are detroyed.

Hyperbole and big words are fine for the leader of the opposition, but not for the person running the country at the most crucial time. The messages coming from the new administration in its early days are causing deep concern and reflection.

The battle to change Europe is a fine one, but what comes first, however, is saving this country from plunging into greater recession and isolation. There is a lot at stake right now.

Those who realize this need to speak out. History will not forgive anyone’s silence. It goes without saying that New Democracy must rise to the occasion and together with other purely pro-European powers speak up with the voice of reason. The conservative party has disappointed those in the center with its lack of persuasive talk. More than ever, the country needs a united, solid opposition it can trust, and a pragmatic government.